French classes for preschoolers – Songs, games, speaking and laughing – Version Kindergarten

For whom is this course?

This course is dedicated to kids aged 3 to 5.


We will learn French though songs, play, pictures, toys, movement and creating crafts (ludic approach). For the first lesson we will meet the main characters who will accompany us throughout the entire course.

We will learn the names of toys, parts of the body, animals and clothes, to name a few. In this way your child would learn how to call his/her toys in French! Therefore, he/she would be able to describe the world around him/her.

What does your kid need?

To create crafts, we need colored pencils, a pencil, a gluestick and scissors. Sometimes I will send some documents to print.

Do we use any book?

Yes, I use les Petits Loustics from the publishing house Hachette Fle.


1 kid – 1 lesson

time/price individual groupe with max. 4 kids
30 min. $ 20 $ 15
How do I pay?

Via PayPal or Bank account.

Do you have any question?
Or would you like to book a lesson? Contact me!